How to Clean the Kitchen Quickly for Company

How to Make Your Kitchen Spotless in No Time at All

When company is coming you want your house to look spotless (it’s healthier too). But sometimes you just don’t have time to wax the floors and polish the silver. If this is the case you must do the bare minimum to give the impression of spotlessness. By doing the following things, your kitchen-the heart of your home-will look impressively clean in mere minutes (even if it’s a bit shabby underneath!). This is a trick I picked up on the blog at Dream Kitchen Solutions.

First, you must put away all of the food except what you are using to entertain. No cereal boxes out, no leftovers, no half-cleaned plates on the counter. Scrape it into the garbage, wash it down the sink, and put fridge and pantry food where they go. Enlist the help of the kids if you are so inclined.

Next, put all dishes out of sight. If you have time, rinse them and get them into the dishwasher. If that isn’t possible (for example, a guest is walking in as you are cleaning frantically), stack them in the oven and close the door. Just don’t forget them after the guest leaves (and for goodness’ sake don’t turn the oven on while the guest is there). If they don’t all fit in the oven, the microwave works well for stacking plates or shoving glasses. In a last-ditch attempt, use the fridge (don’t use the freezer, some dishes will crack).

Quickly wipe down all counters. Be certain there are no crumbs or pieces of food, and make them shine with soap and hot water, or an all-purpose cleaner (they don’t have to be perfectly clean, just look it).

Move to the stove. If it is in a prominent position wipe it down like the counters. If it isn’t simply make sure there are no food or crumbs on it. If you have food that is burnt on, drip very hot water onto the food using the sponge, or spray it with an all-purpose cleaner. Let this soak while you wipe down the sink. Make the sink sparkle with your all-purpose cleaner (this will make the biggest difference in the kitchen!) Wipe down the handles and faucet of the sink. Also wipe down the door of the microwave (just the outside). If your stove was soaking, now wipe it down. Rinse out sponge.

If you are pressed for time, this will do.

If you get the chance, start a small pot of water boiling and pour in some cinnammon. Let boil for a little bit, but don’t burn the cinnammon! The odor will get rid of the cleaner smell so no one knows you just cleaned the kitchen. Sneaky or what?!

If you have time while this is boiling, sweep the floor (or if pressed for time, sweep stuff under the rug). Look around the kitchen and make certain the towels hanging out match each other. Turn off the stove and put the pot in the sink or dishwasher right before your guest walks in. (Again, don’t let the cinnammon burn-it smells awful!)

If you do these small and quick things, your kitchen will look like a million dollars even though you spent no time on it. Just don’t forget to go back and clean up the dishes, dirt under the rug, etc. after your guest is gone.