The Ruination of the Easy Bake Oven

In 1963 Kenner Products introduced a handy, dandy, daddy-pleasing little device that would produce the tastiest brownies prepared by loving little daughters for generations to come, The Easy Bake Oven.

The brownies produced by the high wattage light bulb, that acted as the baking element, delighted the baker and the willing consumer, daddy. Daddies all over America have enjoyed the attention lavished on them by adorable little girls and, like so many other things, been able to return that loving attention with praise and tenderness.

That is soon to end. The high wattage bulb is being eliminated by federal government edict. After bowing to pressure from corporate interests, GE is a major player in compact florescent light builds (CFLs) manufacturing, the federal government has decided, for the consumer, that the incandescent light bulb should no longer be bought. Instead, the federal government has decided that introducing a heavy metal contaminant, mercury, into your home with your precious brownie baker, is a much better choice and has made that choice for you.

The simple and, occasionally, effective baking system used by the Easy Bake Oven is gone. The current manufacturer, Hasbro. has introduced a replacement. The Edisonlight bulb has been declared obsolete by a government full of people who “believe” themselves to be smarter than that famed inventor. Hasbro has had to replace the simple and, mostly, safe light bulb with a different heating source.

Not even the simple pleasures of childhood are immune to the machinations of an over reaching government. Not only is the light bulb gone but so is the reasonable price. In 2007 an Easy Bake Oven would set daddy back $29.99. The new model, with its regulatory enhanced price, will cost this years cash strapped Christmas shopper $49.99.

This is the real tale. When government intervenes it distorts. Government regulation has caused a 67% increase in the price of a daughter’s love. How many other things have been altered, for the worse, by government intervention and regulation? It is not an accident that unemployment grows as regulation and intervention increases. It is not an accident that as regulation and intervention increases that business move facilities off shore.

The simple pleasure of partly cooked brownies proudly presented by an adorable eight year old daughter to her equally proud and loving daddy is subjected to the obnoxious intervention of the government. If the government has reached into our most cherished memories and distorted them, how can anyone doubt that the same intervention doesn’t twist and pervert the whole economy?